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Upper Grades at Scottsville School, 1891

Upper Grades at Scottsville School, 1891

Name:  Upper Grades at Scottsville School, 1891

Date:  1891

Image Number:  B81cdB17

Comments:  Pictured in front of the Brady Building at the corner of Main and Valley Streets are the upper grades at Scottsville School in 1891.  As recalled by a former student, Susan Hill Dunn, in her memoirs entitled From Mother with Love: "There was no grading, no examination, no promotion, we just 'went on.'  When we finished our course in Latin or Mathematics, we took up another, and we read the same Latin lessons that the boys used at the University.  This system may not be as good as the present standardization, but it certainly was more cultural."

Professor W.P. Ellis, #27 in the above photo, was for many years a teacher at Scottsville School. According to Susan Hill Dunn, "He belonged to a fine family, his uncle being partner of Mr. Allen, who adopted Edgar Allen Poe.  When their business dissolved, many valuables associated with Poe's life came into Mrs. Ellis' possession.  Our Mr. Ellis lived at 'Afton' in Buckingham County.  In one room upstairs was the bed Poe slept in."

The following list of student names is keyed to the photo above:

(1) Berta Fox;  (2) Dorothy "Dot" Blair;  (3) Mary Heath;  (4) "Dimp" Blair;  (5) Ben Dorrier;  (6) Nellie Dawson;  (7) Lucy May Dorrier;  (8) Stewart Harris;  (9) Jerry Cleveland;  (10) Clinton Adams;  (11) Martin Moon;  (12) Cobbs Boyd;  (13) Bessie Dillard
(14) Nellie Osbourne;  (15) Brownie Fox;  (16) Lindsay Moon;  (17) Walter Dorrier;  (18) Luther Moon;  (19) Sallie Leakie;  (20) Lucy Powers;  (21) Tempe Osborne
(22) Mary Doll;  (23) Charles Anderson;  (24) Frank Staples;  (25) Miss Nannie Hill;  (26) Pocahantas Gantt;  (27) Mr. W.P. Ellis;  (28) Mr. D. P. Powers;  (29) Virgina Thacker;  (30) Bessie Cleveland  (31) Minnie Thacker;  (32) Frank Hill;  (33) Ella Schultz;  (34) Andrew  (last name unknown);  (35) Miss 'Met' Powers;  (36) Miss Bessie Hill.

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