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Name:  Shadows

Date:  2001

Image Number:  GD01CDGD01

Comments:   Shadows is a two-story frame house at 470 Harrison Street in Scottsville, which is believed to have been built ca. 1830 by a member of the town�s founding Scott family.  A recently uncovered inner log wall indicates that a portion of the house is of even older construction.  The site of Shadows also contains historic outbuildings, including a separate summer kitchen and an original slave quarter.

The earliest documented owner of the house was Peyton Harrison, who also owned 21 acres of land along what is now Harrison Street.  Peyton Harrison then donated the 21 acres of land to the Town of Scottsville, who annexed this land and called it the "Harrison Addition."  Harrison also founded the Scottsville Presbyterian Church.  He was the grand nephew of Benjamin Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

Following is information on Shadows which is contained in the study conducted by Caroline Lund for Scottsville Museum in 2021 and entitled "A Comprehensive Analysis of Existing Slave Quarters in Scottsville":

Shadows, the early home of Peyton Harrison, was another interesting property for several reasons.  For one, the slave dependency is beautifullyt restored and preserved.  As I started my research, I found the Harrison family owned 9 slaves according to the 1850 census.  The number fit my estimate of how many slaves would have occupied the building based on my measurements during my visit.  The dependency served as primary living quarters for slaves it is over 25 feet in length and just 14 feet wide.  Claire Mellow, the current owner of Shadows, mentioned that she believed the slaves were likely house servants as the building is so close to the main house.  She also allowed me to walk around the property, and I looked at the original brick oven that served as Shadows' summer kitchen.  Interestingly, Claire also recalled that when they initiallyt moved to the property, daffodils were growing in a rectangular shape near the oven/outdoor kitchen in the summertime.  This may point to a former structure standing in the spot, which Claire speulates may have been a wash building or some other building for servants to live or work in.

Dependency at Shadows, 2020
The dependency at Shadows, 2021.
The hearth/chimney from Shadows summer kitchen, 2020
The hearth/chimney from Shadows' summer kitchen, 2021.

The top photograph above was taken by Gwynne Daye.  Gwynne resided in Scottsville in 2001 and was the President of Scottsville Museum.

The photos of the dependency and the summer hearth above were taken by Connie Geary in 2021.

Special thanks to Claire Christen Mellow, the current owner of Shadows, who provided key facts about Shadows!

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Top Image Located On:  Capturing Our Heritage, CD GD01

Middle Image Located on:  Capturing Our Heritage CD CG2021

Third Image of Summer Hearth Located on:  Capturing Our Heritage, CD CG2021



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