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Henry Lane Store, Esmont

Henry Lane Store, Esmont, Virginia

Name:  Henry Lane Store

Date:  ca. 1960's

Image Number:  University of Virginia Library, Lane Store

Comments:   Henry L. Lane's store was one of the largest general merchandise stores in Albemarle County, and it was built immediately south of the Esmont National Bank in Esmont, Virginia.  According to his papers, "Lane Brother's Commissary and Office Building was built in 1911.  In an interview for the University of Virginia's Race and Place project, Ruth Ward described "Mrs. Lane" as running a "clothes store...where you could buy material."  When the Lane's store closed in 1957, it was being used as a drugstore.

Later S.A. Payne operated a general merchandise store in the old Henry Lane Store.  Frances Payne's mother-in-law operated the Payne store, and in the late 1990's while the 85 yr. old mother-in-law was occupying this store in the late 1990's, it burned down.  Fortunately, she escaped safely.

Scottsville Museum wishes to thank Maxwell Johnson for his research and photographs on this Esmont community business!

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Image Located On:  University of Virginia Library, Lane Store



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