Here is another great place for additional resources. Again, if you have any more suggestions, or questions send them our way:

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WEBSITES for poems by a Monacan


In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge by Carolyn Tyree Feagans

Celebrate Virginia!: The Hospitality, History, and Heritage of Virginia by Rowena Fullinwider

My Backyard History Book by David Weitzman (also recommended for kids)

Like it was: A Complete Guide to Writing Oral History by Cynthia Stokes Brown: Young Adult. Designed for older students, this book explains the process of conducting oral histories and addresses everything from interviewing techniques to transcriptions. This book is also appropriate for teachers who are considering an oral history unit or project.


Amazing Archaeologists and Their Finds by William Scheller: Ages 9-12. Scheller describes eight archaeologists and their work. The book gives background information on the various sites described but also defines and explains what archaeologists are.  

Archaeologists Dig for Clues (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2) by Kate Duke: Ages 6-10. Children follow an archaeologist on a dig and learn about the process of an archaeological dig and a career in archaeology.

Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past by Richard Panchyk: Ages 9-12. An introduction to the field of archaeology and the process. Includes a variety of photographs, engravings, and diagrams.  

Buttons, Bones, and the Organ-Grinder’s Monkey: Tales of Historical Archaeology by Meg Greene: Ages 9-12. Greene details five archaeological sites including Jamestown and the slave quarters at Monticello . Readers realize the value of original research through archaeology and how it can provide different historical perspectives.

Mrs. Brown on Exhibit and Other Museum Poems by Susan Katz: Ages 6-10. This is a fun book of poems about a teacher and the field trips she and her students take. The teacher visits all sorts of museums and the book describes the experiences poetically. This book would be great to read before taking a trip to a museum!  

My Backyard History Book, by David Weitzman (also recommended for adults)

A Day in the Life of a Museum Curator by Judith Tropea

Discover : Investigate the Mysteries of History with 40 Practical Projects Probing Our Past by Katherine Greer

The Magic School Bus Shows And Tells : A Book About Archaeology by Joanna Cole


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