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The Museum in a Trunk is our traveling exhibit! The theme of our current Museum in a Trunk is “Seizing Scottsville: Sheridan’s Final Raid.” The exhibit is geared toward upper elementary students studying the Civil War as part of the Virginia Studies curriculum. Our exhibit includes artifacts, photographs, and replica items from the Civil War era. You can check out the artifacts incorporated in this exhibit by clicking the items in the blue and gray boxes.


Beaded Evening Bag

In addition to these items, the Museum in a Trunk also contains a large map, Confederate money, replica uniform coat, replica Confederate battle flag, replica 19th century costume jewelry, and photographs. During our presentation, students will have the opportunity to examine all of our artifacts as well as to try on our uniform coat and jewelry!


Pair of Women's Gloves
Cartridge Box Belt Plate

The exhibit was designed by a student teacher with knowledge of the Virginia Standards of Learning and our presentation brings the Civil War standards to life through an engaging story of Sheridan’s raid through Scottsville at the end of the Civil War (March 1865).


Leather Shot Bag

Students take on the role of historians, investigating a small set of artifacts and photographs, examining the nature and characteristics of the objects, their relation to one another, their significance, and to whom they would have belonged.


Minie Ball

Students support the narrative of Sheridan’s raid by assisting in showing their artifacts at appropriate times during the presentation. The students will also have the opportunity to investigate all of the artifacts at the end of the presentation.


Union Belt
Minie Ball Bag
We also offer suggested extension activities to teachers to further discuss themes and ideas brought up in the exhibit presentation. Best of all, the exhibit is FREE! Don’t worry about paying bus fares or signing permission slips for field trips. Forget picking up and transporting the exhibit to your classroom or reading background material on our artifacts, you don’t need to! We’ll bring everything to you!
Union Eagle Button


Our hope is that this exhibit will help promote local history among students and to assist teachers the best we can. To have the exhibit come to your classroom, please contact us! (Email is best).

Scottsville Museum

P.O. Box 101, Scottsville, VA 24590

Email: [email protected]

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